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General Rules on Bestrust servers

§1 Being toxic/spamming the chat will result in mute.
§2 Swearing about the servers(for example: "shit server") results in a mute for a LONG time, we are very strict in this case.
§3 Reporting is only allowed/make any sense on Discord or in e-mail('CONTACT US'), so reporting in chat will result in mute.
§4.1 Cheating/Hacking will result permanent ban
§4.2 Hacker bot accounts will be caught by our detector system. So private, 0/1 level accounts and accounts which have not set are not recommended.
§5 You are allowed to build any kind of exploit, if the base is still raidable.
§6.1 Keep yourself to the group limit
§6.2 Any kind of alliance or being more than the group limit in a group will result ban, you can only change your teammates at wipe!
§7.1 Respect admins and moderators!
§7.2 Spamming or any kind of unreasonable disturbance or fake reporting or reports which are not written in the right form(=spam) are not tolerated, so not to be suprised if you will be muted/blocked if you do these.
§8 Abusing any glitch or bug of any plugin or Outpost/Bandit camp will result a ban.(glitching VIP permissions are disallowed as well)
§9 Stream sniping is not allowed. At first we will warn you by kicking you from the server, then if you continue, we will ban you.