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When you put your Main TC down, one of your teammates has to use the /maintc command while standing nearby the TC to register it. Each team can have only one main TC. If it gets destroyed, the game is over for the team. All of the Main TCs will be revealed on the map for everyone at the beginning of the raid period. The general rules of the Bestrust servers apply for the event as well.

TC's must be visible and accessible at all times during the event Hiding the TC behind any placeable object, sealing the TC off, or putting it behind a bunker is not permitted.

You must place your TC before the grace period ends. If your TC is placed where you do not want it, we can remove your TC for it to be replaced during the grace period.

During the grace period we do not allow: - Any sort of damage to others. (Includes helicopters, ..) - Any sort of griefing to others. (E.g. Landing/crashing helicopters on a team's base to block them from building.)

During the entire event we do not allow: - Any form of cheating, exploiting, stream sniping. - Toxicity, racism, or malicious actions. - Allying or aiding other teams in any way.

Each team is permitted 1 Base with: - 1 Layer of compound, no more. - 1 Layer of metal barricades, no more. - 3 Auto turrets, 1 shotgun trap, 4 flame turrets.

Each team is permitted 1 TC (No External TC's) with: - 1 Glass window directly in front of the TC. (You can use it elsewhere in base also)

We do not allow: - Windows being used as doors. - Bunker base designs. - Funneling (Extremely small Points of Entry in compound) - Sealing off TC Loot.


The winner team all members will be rewarded with a SKIN.