Breaking these rules will result in a mute

- Racism, being overly toxic or spamming the chat

- Swearing about the servers, this will result in a mute for a LONG time, we are very strict in this case

- Being disrespectful towards staff members

- Reports are only allowed with F7 or Discord. We advise you to always do both


Breaking these rules will result in a ban

- The use of any cheats or recoil scripts

- Previous EAC Ban on another account

- Abusing any game glitch or bug, of any plugin or Safezone


Breaking this rules will result in a ban

- You are allowed to build any kind of exploit, if the base is still raidable (i.e. bunkers)

- Taking advantage of terrain bugs to build a base, hide loot or enter terrain is forbidden

Group Limit

Breaking these rules will result in a ban

- Keep yourself to the group limit. Any kind of alliance or being more than the group limit will result ban

- You can only change your teammates at wipe

- Trading is only allowed via vending machines, trade windows or at safezones


- Stream sniping is not allowed

- Hacker bot accounts will be caught by our detector system. So private, 0/1 level accounts and accounts which are not set are not recommended