What is NOT allowed?

- Spam, advertisements.

- Racist, Homophobic, abusive and hate speech.

- Any kind of defamation of our servers.

- Being disrespectful towards staff members.

- Reporting / Calling out Rule Breakers. (Always use F7 and open a Discord ticket.)

What is allowed?

- Spam, advertisements.

- Game related toxicity.

- Calling out raids, PVP, base locations, etc to everyone.


What is NOT allowed?

- The use of third-party programs are disallowed and will result in a permanent ban.

- Previous EAC Ban on another account within the last 90 days.

Bug abuse

What is NOT allowed?

- Abusing any unintended game glitch or bug, of any plugin or safezone that may give you advantage over other players.

- Taking advantage of terrain bugs to build a base, hide loot or enter terrain.

What is allowed?

- Build exploits as long as the base is raidable (i.e: Bunkers/Floor Stacking)

Group limit

What is NOT allowed?

- Exceeding the group limit.

- Any kind of alliance between groups to gain PVP or PVE advantage . You must kill on sight (KOS) other groups in any active PVP area or Monument.

- Sharing codes, authorisations to cupboards, turrets with other groups.

What is allowed?

- Switching teammates on the condition that you remove all sleepers, bags and authorisations to the player that left.

- Giving your base away, same conditions as above.

- Fair trades via vending machines, trade windows or at safe zones.

- Being friendly, if no PVP of any kind is initiated nearby (Once PVP is initiated by someone you must KOS and can't take sides!)

Staff Policies

- Server Moderators are regular trusted players with mute permissions only. They only enforce General Chat Rules and help with general support & questions both in game and discord.

- Server Admins and Owners have full powers over the game necessary to monitor the server and investigate suspect players. They however do not play any characters in game. They will also deal with player reports submitted via F7 and/or discord tickets.

- Admins will not interfere with game play in any way. This includes but is not limited to:
• Removing walls/objects for players.
• Replacing lost items for known Rust bugs.
• Teleporting players.
• Modifying the game environment.

- Failure to do so will be considered "admin abuse" and should be reported directly to the server owners and/or other admins.